“The Ultimate Foodie’s Guide to Insta-Eats Around Australia”.

Food Makes me HAPPY. Ear to ear, wiggling in my chair, happy. I don’t own a scale, I don’t diet and I only exercise when it feels good to do so for me. I didn’t get this confident – or should I say, comfortable with accepting my body weight, fluctuations and status, but rather focusing my energy on the good.

Like delicious Food.

1. Mr. Fox, Perth WA


Hands down best flavour ever. I will forever miss eating brunch days at Mr. Fox’s!! For Someone who has ate A LOT of brunch in the last year, trust me when I say that this is one of the best places to eat brekky! The Atmosphere is a chilled out, quieter cafe/book lounge. Perfect for conversation over coffee or sneaking in some pages of your current book. The exact words that I would use to describe this lovely cafe, is cozy & warm. This place is smaller, so perhaps get there earlier or phone ahead :).

This is my FAVOURITE brunch spot. So. Much. Flavour! As well, totally fair prices, we could even afford this on our budget weeks :).

2. Peter Rabbit – Adelaide, SA


If you’re in Adelaide and its experience that you’re after, Peter Rabbit is a MUST. This brunch spot has people continuously and positively raving time and time again! Perfect for parties, with both seating in and outdoors, all surfaces touched with lush plants, cute furniture, and of course, on brand, they have a real life bunny RABBIT! Needless to say, Peter Rabbit is heaps fun for the whole family, and the food is absolutely amazing!! Definitely an easy and close second to Mr. Fox in Perth, if not even!:)

Ps. We chose to go to “peter Rabbit’s” to kick start our Birthday adventures for Jonny that weekend. He agrees this place has epic chicken fried sandwiches, I loved cheeky the mimosa’s.

3. XS Espresso, Bondi Beach, NSW


A smaller venue, that packs a punch for an amazing brunch! They also specialize in MASSIVE milkshakes with every topping that you can dream of! This place is awesome and also fit for all ages!

4. Pompeii, Bondi Beach, NSW


The best Italian food! Think fresh, homemade pasta, with decadent sauces topped with savoury cheeses. A little bit of a disclaimer; Pompeii’s is a higher end restaurant (and you can definitely taste it), so it isn’t as budget friendly, but this food is delicious! I still dream about these carbs and cheese, yum. So if there is room in the budget, definitely give this place a taste ๐Ÿ™‚

5. “City View Cafe” Optus Stadium, Perth, WA


If you ever find yourself in Perth, The Optus stadium is an AWESOME place to dine & has a stunning view of the river. Whether you are catching a game for the full experience, or just looking for a to die for lunch, this is the place! The ingredients tasted fresh and the flavours were bursting. Not to mention they have a great wine list to pair with!

6. Archie’s Bondi Beach, NSW


The Prettiest Food and venue! New to the area as of last year, I was blessed to try this place before it became huge in Bondi! The food is gorgeously spread, the flavours are delightful! I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a lovely brunch date with the partner or with your girls! I went with my best friend and we had sooo much fun! Such an awesome place for pics ๐Ÿ™‚

7. VIDA Surf Store, Bondi Bach, NSW

The group of girls and I – who I spent all of my time with in Bondi Beach for 5+ months, would ALWAYS hit up vida for a fabulous brunch! We were broke, and could still get by with a vida date. Fresh, Colourful, and unique plates, offering sooo much for health food goers and regular foodies! The green omelette had me feeling like a sassy Shrek, and the Isreali bowl was so mouthwatering!

8. Speedo’s – Bondi Beach, NSW


I had Speedos on my list of restaurants that I wanted to try globally for TWO years! I had seen so many celebs eating here on my Instagram I just couldn’t wait! Speedos offers an ARRAY of specialty latte’s with cute saying on it such as the red velvet “kiss me” latte that I got to enjoy- perfect for pics! They also offer up their take on a traditional Aussie dish – Smashed Avo. If you’re a fan of Avo and coffees that taste like cake! Speedo’s will 100% be for you.

9. ST. Mary’s Street Bakery


Alright, so Guy Fier’s famous “welcome to flavour town” fits so so well here. With the least amount of media coverage that I have seen for brunch spots, this place is a sweet little cafe that delivers THE most flavourful food. I had their pancakes and waffles and as a north American.. this was too good to be true! With REAL maple syrup! Need I say more?

10. The Aviary, Perth, WA


One of Perth’s best roof top bars! So many hot days we ended up here for a delicious appy and of course a cold drink. Other nights I went with my friends to enjoy a great night life! The calamari, gnocchi and sangria are for sure my favourite selections for this rooftop hot-spot.

11. Heart Cafe, Bondi Beach, NSW


So many fun and colourful plates! I only ate here once, but the carrot puree with my dish was to die for. This cafe is always packed! So definitely plan to eat here a head of time if you want to try the Heart Cafe :).

12. Food Envii, Bondi Beach, NSW

During the time that I lived in Bondi Beach, I would hit up Food envii pretty much every week for some fresh and healthy eats. I was falling behind on my health routine while travelling, so this was such a nice location to get some yummy nutrition. Food Envii has a wide range of wraps and salads to choose from, or you can make your own! Always timely and the staff here are super friendly!

13. The Flinders Street Project, Adelaide, SA


On our last morning in the beautiful city of Adelaide, we wanted to grab a quick lunch on our way out. With a quick google search, the Flinder’s Street project was on the top of the list and had a great rating! So, I ordered the 3 Beetroot salad and added a side of Halloumi (because yum). The ingredients were fresh and the beetroot was bursting with flavour. This cafe is the perfect size for a quieter lunch, as well as speedy! Coffee here is also very good.

14. Bayleaf, Byron Bay, NSW


I am absolutely obsessed with this cafe. I wish I had taken more pictures, but couldn’t leave this place out, simply due to the lack of my photo content… So I began my experience here at the Bayleaf with a salted caramel latte that literally blew my socks off it was so delicious. Then, I had this AMAZING brunch dish, with poached eggs, rocket, fresh tomatoes, burrata and Dukka. Next time that I am in Byron Bay, I am 100% getting this dish again!!

15. Combi, Byron Bay, NSW


Attention all VEGAN & VEGGIE eaters! Combi is absolutely somewhere that you will want to eat if you like to forgo any animal products. This place offers the best selections and SUCH a fun atmosphere! When we got here it was absolutely packed! So I do have to recommend planning for this… Here I ate the lovely Vegan pumpkin and veggie toastie, my friends had the Acai bowls – which were some of the most fresh I have ever tasted! ๐Ÿ™‚ Five stars to this brekky nook!

16. Parida, Bondi Beach, NSW


Again, I wish I took more pictures, but clearly I was too focused on the AMAZING food in front of me!! I cant even begin to describe the absolutely amazing flavours I got from my dish, mouthwatering! At first I was brought to this place because my crazy Canadian self was in high and low search for any drink that resembled the Canadian Classic Cesar Cocktail (alright don’t @ me if this drink isn’t your thing, but if you know, you know). They offered a tasty Bloody Mary which was close enough for me! The best was yet to come because well the food was serious brunch goals. If you are in Bondi you have to try Parida ๐Ÿ™‚

Yay! You’ve reached the bottom and are now probably super hungry (sorry hehe). I hope you enjoyed looking at all the pics that are clear evidence to my travel weight gain (haha). But seriously! If you’re planning on visiting Australia, make your life a little extra tay-sty & try these amazing restaurants ๐Ÿ™‚ Been to one of these places before? I would love for you to tell me about your experience in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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