“7 Top Secrets that you are probably missing, if you don’t art journal.”

“The Beautiful Power of Creation”

  1. Your inner Artist comes out– Owning something so personal, such as a Visual Diary, gives you the artistic hand at being brave, trying something new with your art.
  2. A chance to step outside of your comfort zone– Once you’re out here in this scary new ibis of potentials, you soon realize that it doesn’t matter what it looks like. What does it Feel like!
  3. Clarity of your mind– Had a really messed up day, but cant put your finger on what exactly is bothering you? Grab any kind of art materials and let those pent up feelings loose with art. No need to analyze anything, just create. Often you are left with an image that makes you see your life clearer.
  4. Expression – Not so keen on finding clarity? Perhaps you rather relaxation? The best part about art journalling is that, when you allow yourself to create, it exhausts negative energy out of your body. Just express and cleanse. Get all of those gross feelings out of your soul and onto that canvas.
  5. A chance to be playful, a Kid for a moment in your busy life. Do I need say more? Imagine just using 10 minutes after you get home to sketch out something pent up, for moments more of destress in your day.
  6. A mental health enhancement routine. Perhaps you already have one of these! Or maybe, you’re looking for a new thing to add to your self-care regime. Art journalling for a few moments of your day, is likely to enhance your anxiety and mood. What a great and fun way to add positivity to your health!
  7. Can be used as a sentimental & educational photo album: You will always have your old books as reminders and textbooks to yourself and others in inspiration in future art work. By Art Journalling, you are actually contributing to future artists and art world. ๐Ÿ™‚


“Only YOU Have to See it! It Belongs to Only You.

Let’s Create Something :)!

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For the love of Travel, Art & Mental Health Awareness

4 thoughts on ““7 Top Secrets that you are probably missing, if you don’t art journal.”

  1. Thank you for this reminder! I made a lot of art journals when I was a teen and a student, but somehow, the last few years, it just did not happen anymore? I guess I just forgot about the benefits. Thanks a lot for this post. And wow, I love the chicken + eggs, super nice! ^_^

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    1. No problem at all:) I think the biggest thing is we often forget that art is there for all of us to use and for al ages:) thank you so much for the feedback and positive support ๐Ÿฅฐโค๏ธ


  2. You are right, every time when I got to draw on my journal book, I feel calm to express my feelings on the sheet of paper. Even though there might be elements that still need embellishment on the drawings, making arts are giving me good dose of creativity and positivity to move on in life. I love your journal booklet very much, keep doing what you love!


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