What’SHE’Taught me.

“An Art-Therapy Session with oneself”


A Self Reflection of ‘She’- Revisited

The universe has certainly provided us with more than enough time for self-reflection. If we allow ourselves to go there, we can use this time to learn so many new things about ourselves! With the drastic changes of picking up and moving to literally several new countries & cities within the last year, this massive new change (that everyone is experiencing in their own unique way) has allowed me to do just that.

I am sharing with all of you today, a self- reflection/ Art therapy session that I had with myself from a year and a half ago. This studio session was after my mom passed away, when I committed to my dreams and took the time to focus on myself and actually PRACTICE what I preach – Art Therapy. What I am about to share with you today is a very personal reflection in which ultimately, I hope inspires others to look at their own artwork in times of confusion & when they are experiencing lack of clarity. Art speaks the subconscious mind out loud!


This portrait IS but is also more than, a feminist artwork. This painting walks me through the biggest challenges of a 22 year old’s life thus far. By examining the careful colour combinations, one is able to understand the extent of emotions that represent each day of her life. “She” is bold and beautiful, displaying a mixture of warm and cool colours that work together to illustrate the battles of various emotion. The grey and neutral tones of her body represent how easily it can be to become lost in these combating emotions, and how easily they are absorbed into the physical body and how quickly emotions can become a part of one’s main identity. This piece is about becoming aware of these powerful feelings, while trying to have some self compassion for the hardship that she has been through. “She” is about learning her sudden and unexpected new role in life: where will she live? Where is her place? How will I ever be happy again in a long life ahead without my mothers nurturing & advice?. In sum, this particular painting demonstrates the battle of mental health and illness while experiencing addiction, grief and trauma, as well as trying to navigate and locate ones way through these trying events and learn to emerge from this hardship as a stronger and wiser individual. “She” marks the start of self evolution and discovery. I cannot wait to see what “She” brings to the table.

Self-reflection can be extremely difficult. To be 100% honest with oneself and others (no matter how this may look), is a super scary leap of faith to take in itself. Yet, while technology has proven itself to be beneficial in many ways, it has also become a major cause to the mass deterioration of public mental health. No one has the time anymore, and unfortunately more often then not, mental health is not being prioritized but is rather drowning in a sea of social media content. It has been a long battle between standing up against those who attempt to destruct openness on media & finding a support network that stands by what you believe in, which is precisely what my platform is here for.

I want to support others in talking about the things that bother them. To provide alleviation where possible and help individuals to accept their emotions rather than seeing them as a burden. I hear you and I am here for you. Whoever and wherever you are. We can tackle the importance of mental health awareness together :).

You Are NOT Alone.

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2 thoughts on “What’SHE’Taught me.

  1. Hi Taylor,

    This is just beautiful and wonderful in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your art, the real-ness and being so open about mental health.

    I really appreciate you and what you bring to the table, letting others know it’s OK to not be OK (clichรฉ, sorry).

    Keep up the phenomenal work. I am proud of you.





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