It started with scribbles, then doodles, then sketches. From student grade materials, to exploring every medium the earth has to offer. Even dirt. There is a door with creativity, that takes you from one realm to the other. The safe realm of all the pretty little things, carefully crafted. To the realm of no return. The out worldly, rebellious, strong messaged, ART. To becoming an artist. To becoming an artist that must create to survive. To someone who needs to give this back. Everyone needs this strength and clarity. Everyone deserves to understand what’s going on in their mind.

For those of you who don’t already know, my name is Taylor Morrow and I want nothing more than to be an artist and Art therapist. I have begun on a small scale with my Instagram, which show cases works of art that I have created along my journey through this crazy life. I was always one to create, but I had no idea how essential it would become to my survival on this planet. May 7th 2018, I lost my best friend, my soulmate and most importantly my mother. My mom fell victim to a terrible at home accident, that left my sister and I with severe trauma and grief. My road to recovery from this horrible life event was not one that was of ease, nor did it begin so great. First I had to go down the deepest and darkest part of my soul, I hit rock bottom if you will. I will get more into the mental processes and events later in this blog, as I don’t want to deter from the message that I want to mainly portray.

The takeaway message: This blog will highlight the measures in which I have personally taken to grow from my trauma and loss, both in creative arts as well as in travel. I want to provide a space for others to gain support and strength within their own mental health struggles as well as build the courage to create and perhaps travel themselves. Nonetheless, I would love to invite my readers to come on a creative journey with me that will most definitely provide you with advice and tactics that are useful in building a stronger, more clearer mind. On the same hand, I have received many direct messages on Instagram in the last year of people asking me how they should get started on travelling solo, therefore I would like to provide viewers with some helpful information when making the choice to travel alone, the things I picked up a long thus far, things to avoid and valuable lessons. But most importantly, everything that I write here in this blog, will continually serve as my ultimate tribute to my moms beautiful spirit ❤️

So here we go, the incunabula of the new Taste of Tay Travel and Art blog. Both promoting and advocating for better mental health and inspiring to go adventure the world❤️ Please subscribe to my blog! And let’s start making life Taysty 😘

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For the love of Travel, Art & Mental Health Awareness

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